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The Wowtrucks® Calendar


The Wowtrucks® Calendar is Canada's Big Rig Calendar.

You can win your way into the calendar by winning trophies at one of these four major shows across Canada:

1) Pro-Trucker Magazine BC Big Rig Weekend

2) Fergus Truck Show

3) Rodeo du Camion

4) Pro-Trucker Magazine AB Big Rig Weekend

In my 15 year career in Oil & Gas ,  Canadian transport drivers always loved Truck Calendars but lamented there were few that
hilited Canadian drivers.  When I left Oil & Gas to pursue my own ventures, I saw an opportunity to use my love of photography
and knowledge of the Canadian Transport Sector to create that calendar to celebrate Canadian Trucks and even more
importantly Canadian Drivers.

The Wowtrucks® Calendar is an annual calendar that features 1 truck and 1 driver for each month with great photography of the
truck and a brief story on the driver.  It transcends most calendars by becoming a talking piece.  I love the reactions that drivers
have as they open the calendar and talk about drivers they know , trucks they've seen or love etc.

2008 was the first year and the calendar sold out across Canada and into 12  American States.  2009 saw double the calendars
printed and sold across Canada, 20 states in the USA and even England, France & Germany!

I love that the Canadian Transport Story is being told and shared across the world.  You deserve it for what you do.

If you have questions about the calendar or how to get your truck into it.. email me at david@wowtrucks.com

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